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Expérience scolaire The Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvelon counts French-language secondary schools in the Sudbury-Manitoulin and Algoma Districts. Our students have access to efficient and performing secondary schools that ensure that whether they choose an apprenticeship program, college, community inclusion, the labour market or university as a path of studies, they will be able to follow a harmonious learning pathway.

Collège Notre-Dame

Located in downtown Sudbury, Collège Notre-Dame (CND) is the largest CSC Nouvelon secondary school, with an enrolment of 600 students and a teaching staff of 50. Collège Notre-Dame uses a trimester academic schedule, which means that its students take the same courses from September to June. That is an advantage for international students, since it makes it easier for them to adapt to their school before needing to think about exams. CND provides opportunities for science and math enrichment, as well as a widely acknowledged arts program. Collège Notre-Dame students may enrol in Specialist High Skills Majors in business or sports.

École secondaire du Sacré-Cœur

École secondaire du Sacré-Cœur is also located in the centre of Sudbury. It has an enrolment of 225 students and a teaching staff of 30. While students have access to a varied choice of courses and a technology and carpentry workshop, they can also sign up for a Specialist High Skills Major in health and welfare or in justice, community security and emergency services. This school is committed to promoting indigenous culture and encourages its students to learn about the various cultures of the people of Canada’s First Nations.

École secondaire catholique Champlain

École secondaire catholique Champlain is located in the community of Chelmsford, whose 15,000 residents live approximately 20 km from Sudbury. School enrolment is 250, and teaching staff numbers 25. This schools stands out in its integration of digital age tools at all levels of learning and its STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) approach that ensures student commitment, growth and excellence as they develop world-class skills. Higher grade students also have access to Specialist High Skills Majors in mining or in health and welfare, which include professional certifications, co-op workplace internships and other experience-based learning opportunities.

École secondaire catholique l’Horizon

Located in the community of Val Caron, École secondaire catholique l’Horizon is welcoming, friendly and safe. The school’s dynamic teaching staff of 35 is committed to the success of each and every one of its 450 students. Horizon offers a wide variety of course choices and leadership training opportunities that include Specialist High Skills Majors in health and welfare or mining as well as courses in building and transportation technology, hairstyling and beauty. The school also has a proven sports achievement record, both regionally and provincially, as well as a recognized music program.

Secondary schools - District of Sudbury - Manitoulin

Name Address City Telephone
Collège Notre-Dame 100 Lévis St. Sudbury 705-674-7484
É.s. du Sacré-Coeur 261 Notre-Dame Avenue Sudbury 705-566-5511
É.s.c. Champlain 61 Brookside Rd. Chelmsford 705-855-9046
É.s.c. l'Horizon 1650 Valleyview Rd. Val Caron 705-897-2503

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