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The Canadian Adventure

Expérience canadienneStudents in the Canadian Adventure stream become more familiar with the French language as they experience Canadian life. A personalized timetable for each student is based on their interests and skills. It includes fewer academic courses in French than what Ontario Francophone students take in order to help improve French language skills as academic success is achieved. This program can also serve as preparation for the Academic Experience stream, which requires a higher level of French-language skills.

This stream requires incoming students to have at least the A2 (Basic User Waystage) level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The following is a list of requirement that students who wish to enter this program must be capable of attaining:

  • Understanding individual sentences and commonplace expressions in French that are related to immediate and familiar subjects, e.g., that relate to personal and family information, recreational activities and purchases, etc.;
  • Communicating in French for simple and routine tasks that only require the exchange of basic information about known and customary subjects;
  • Writing short, simple notes and messages in French, e.g., a simple letter of thanks.