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The Sudbury climate

Sudbury residents have the benefit of four seasons. This is a great asset for people who enjoy outdoor activities. The seasonal changes are an integral part of our lifestyle.

Sudbury has a continental humid climate, with an average temperature of 4.5 °C (40.1 °F). Average rainfall is 861 mm per year, with most rain coming in September.

Summers are dry and warm, with some humidity and an average temperature of 18 °C (64.4 °F). Wintertime is long and cold, with an average temperature of -13 °C (8.6 °F).

Average annual sunshine in Greater Sudbury is around 1,834 hours, or 5 hours a day. Incoming students need to plan to wear warm clothing from October to May: sweaters, pants, insulated coats, hats, scarves and gloves.

Bathing in lakes or swimming pools can be a daily source of pleasure in summer, but when winter begins it is time to bundle up. The weather is moderate in spring and fall, so warm sweaters or jackets are required. Favourite summer sports include cycling, swimming, tennis, golf, canoeing and white water rafting. Winter brings us snow and a range of different sports such as skiing, hockey, snowboarding, skating, luge and snowmobiling.

All of this means that we can offer you a unique Northern way of life and an unparalleled lifestyle quality. Greater Sudbury has everything you could wish for!

Learn what the weather is like today by going to the Environment Canada website for Sudbury ou le Weather Network’s Sudbury website