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Legal custodian

Children under the age of 18 who come to study in Ontario without being accompanied by a parent or legal guardian must be placed in the care of a responsible adult who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. This person then becomes the student’s legal custodian during their stay. For more details on the requirements of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, click here.

Legal procedures are required to become a custodian of a minor child. This formality allows the custodian to act in Canada in place of a parent. Two notarized declarations (certified authentic by the seal and signature of a notary) are required to become a custodian. These declarations must be made using the Citizenship and Immigration Canada forms that are available here.

Before we can process an application for admission to a CSC Nouvelon school and issue an admission letter, we need to receive a copy of both notarized forms.

The signed and notarized originals of the custodianship agreement must be delivered to Citizenship and Immigration Canada authorities in the student’s country along with the official school board admission letter in order to obtain a permit to study in Canada.