A French-language Catholic Education in Northern Ontario

logo CSC NouvelonThe Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvelon (CSC Nouvelon) takes pride in its network of French-language Catholic schools serving the regions of Chapleau, Dubreuilville, Espanola, Greater Sudbury, Hornepayne, North Shore, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury East and Wawa.

Our dynamic francophone Catholic secondary schools offer:

  • A quality French-language Catholic education;
  • A superior level of bilingualism;
  • A recognized arts program;
  • A wide variety of individual and team sports;
  • Pastoral and cultural activities.

Francophone and Bilingual

The CSC Nouvelon is located in the centre of a dynamic francophone community. Greater Sudbury benefits from the contributions of several French-language institutions and organizations that add to the vitality of the French language and its francophone cultures.

In Canada’s heartland

Close to 160,000 people live in Greater Sudbury, which has easy access to Ontario’s major urban centres. Greater Sudbury is located in a beautiful natural environment, with some 300 lakes and rivers and majestic forests close at hand.

Northern Ontario’s educational hub

With its university and two community colleges, Greater Sudbury is a high-quality educational centre. These institutions offer education in both French and English, ensuring that students have access to a superior level of bilingual training.