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Expérience scolaire Performing secondary schools The Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvel-Ontario counts French-language secondary schools in the Sudbury-Manitoulin and Algoma Districts. Our students have access to efficient and performing secondary schools that ensure that whether they choose an apprenticeship program, college, community inclusion, the labour market or university as a path of studies, they will be able to follow a harmonious learning pathway.

Secondary schools - District of Sudbury - Manitoulin

Name Address City Telephone
É.s.c. Champlain 61, Rookside Rd. Chelmsford 705-855-9046
É.s.c. Franco-Ouest 147, Spruce St. Espanola 705-862-7437
Carrefour Options+ 1311,Gemmell St. Sudbury 705-525-0110
Collège Notre-Dame 100, Lévis St. Sudbury 705-674-7484
É.s. du Sacré-Coeur 261, Notre-Dame Avenue Sudbury 705-566-5511
É.s.c. l'Horizon 1650, Valleyview Rd. Val Caron 705-897-2503

Secondary schools - District d'Algoma

Name Address City Telephone
É.s.c. Jeunesse-Nord 117, Colonization St. Blind River 705-356-1688
É.s.c. Trillium 9, Broomhead St. Chapleau 705-864-1211
É.s. Notre-Dame-du-Sault 600, North St. Sault-Ste-Marie 705-945-5520
É.s. Saint-Joseph Wawa 101, Churchill Rd. Wawa 705-856-2003

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