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The CSCNO partners with MLI Homestay (MLI) to help students from other countries find a “place of their own” in our city. MLI has a presence in many Canadian communities from coast to coast, including small towns located in magnificent rural regions and all major urban centres. MLI has enjoyed a well-deserved reputation as best in their industry for customer satisfaction and professionalism. The services provided by MLI, which are individually tailored to the needs of the student, are the most complete and reliable in Canada, and its professional experience in matching tens of thousands of students with lodging solutions is unparalleled.

MLI offers personalized matching between students and their Canadian host family in accordance with criteria that include the student’s origins, interests, lifestyle and academic goals. Dietary preferences, hobbies and pets, etc., are also included in the criteria. All host families live near to the school chosen by the student. Each host family must provide personal references and pass a stringent MLI interview. Background checks and regular on-site inspections ensure that international students who choose this option are comfortable and satisfied with their lodging solution. The number one priority at the CSCNO is to provide a high quality lodging solution for all of our students so that they feel welcome and safe during their academic experience in Canada.

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